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City Property Services offers a range of cleaning solutions for childcare centres Australia-wide.

We understand that children, parents and staff need the assurance that their centre is consistently hygienic and clean. With over 25 years in the industry, we guarantee the most efficient cleaning solutions possible.

City Property Services takes the time to customise the ideal program to your unique needs. We’ll conduct an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work and guarantee to maintain a consistent level of service in line with regulations and industry standards. For more information, please talk with one of our friendly staff or continue reading.

Our childcare centre cleaning service

Our dedicated team of professional cleaners tailor a program of services specific to your childcare centre. We understand how important a clean and hygienic environment is to the reputation of your business, so we take every precaution necessary. City Property Services offers a range of cleaning solutions, including:

  • General cleaning and disinfecting of common areas
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window and grout cleaning
  • High-pressure washing
  • Watering and clearing of gardens
  • Fixing doors and replacing light globes
  • Plastering and painting
  • Rubbish disposal


Promoting good hygiene habits from an early age

There are social repercussions and health implications for an unhygienic child. Therefore it’s important to instil proper cleaning habits in him or her from an early age. City Property Services believes teaching children good hygiene habits is paramount when trying to create a hygienic childcare environment. The following tips will keep the children clean and prevent the spread of viruses within the centre.

  • Teach the child to wash their hands before eating or preparing food, after going to the toilet, and after touching creatures great and small or filthy objects.
  • Teach the child to use warm soapy water over their hands and wrists. Dry hands using a towel.
  • If the child is exhibiting flu symptoms accompanied by coughing and sneezing, teach the child to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue to prevent the spread of germs.

City Property Services will clean, sanitise and disinfect objects and surfaces to ensure the health of your childcare centre. Our primary role is to maintain a clean learning environment for the children.

Quality and compliance

Quality and compliance are at the forefront of City Property Services business operations. Industry regulatory standards and compliance policies make it critical for childcare centres to take appropriate action for hygiene-related issues. City Property Services is an experienced cleaning service provider who understands best practices for cleaning childcare centres. Our best practices include:

  • Use of natural and non-toxic cleaning products
  • A tailored set of specialist cleaning services suited for childcare compliance
  • All our professional cleaners have police checks and working with children clearances
  • FreshOps has been integrated across the entire City Property Services business to provide cleaning task management, reporting accuracy, KPI management and remote supervision.

Our credentials for cleaning childcare centres

City Property Services is one of Australia’s most accredited commercial cleaning companies and one of the few with triple certifications across Quality Management, Environmental Responsibility and Workplace Health and Safety. Our certifications include:

  • Quality Management system ISO 9001
  • Environmental Certification ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health & Safety AS 4801
  • CM3 Certification
  • EcoClean Level 4 Certification

Our induction process is simple. When you make contact, we tailor an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work, including ancillary services if required. You will then receive a tailored service agreement to ensure your requirements are met in a way which guarantees the professional appearance of your childcare centre.

City Property Services can attend to your premises after hours to minimise disruption to children, parents and staff. You can schedule services daily, weekly, fortnightly or as otherwise appropriate.

Why choose City Property Services?

Family owned and operated, City Property Services serves 1,000+ businesses Australia-wide. With over 25 years’ experience in professional cleaning services, we start every new relationship with a tailored cleaning solution to each clients unique needs.

City Property Services offers quality-assured yet affordable commercial cleaning solutions. We believe in a tailored service that suits your unique situation and doesn’t sting you with unnecessary extras.

City Property Services owes its longstanding success to our loyal staff who share the company’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of cleaning solutions. Our team are proud to assist the broader community as a provider of essential services. With our cleaning solutions, we continue to help businesses thrive and do what they do best.


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