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City Property Services offers coronavirus cleaning solutions Australia-wide.

We understand that in the current environment it takes a great deal of work to ensure any facility is as clean as possible at all times, and that responsibility is something we carry with great seriousness.

The new coronavirus has rocked the world. Many businesses are transitioning to remote work, but the vast majority of organisations still require people to be on-site every single day. This presents a dilemma for business owners and managers – how do you continue your business as a running concern while also ensuring that your staff are protected?

We’ve found a solution for business owners and organisation managers that can allow you to continue running your business and also rest easy knowing that you’ve taken all possible precautions to protect your team members and the public.

City Property Services is a commercial cleaning company with over 25 years’ experience and 200+ professionally trained cleaners. Our cleaning methods keep staff safe but staff healthy so they can continue their work. For more information on our COVID-19 cleaning services, please talk to one of our friendly team members today or see below.

Our coronavirus cleaning service

Our coronavirus cleaning service is focussed on providing a complete top down clean of the focus area. We are widely qualified in disinfectant and sterilisation procedures. We treat every clean incredibly seriously. If we are called in to do commercial cleaning for coronavirus, you can rest assured that every aspect of your premises will be thoroughly disinfected.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Are stuff are fully equipped with the right personal protective equipment for a job of this magnitude. Decades of experience across all fields of cleaning have given us the knowledge we need to fully protect our employees from external contaminations in hazardous situations.
  2. Machine Fogging: Above all other cleaning and disinfectant methods, we utilise machine fogging services to ensure that powerful disinfectants reach every nook and cranny of the target area.
  3. Sterilisation: We can do a complete disinfectant and sterilisation of your business to vastly reduce the risk of the presence of coronavirus on surfaces.


Quality and Compliance

Quality and compliance are always front and centre of City Property Services’ business operations. Industry regulatory standards and compliance policies make it critical for all businesses and workplaces to take appropriate action for hygiene-related issues, particularly right now. City Property Services is an experienced commercial cleaning company who understands best practices for coronavirus disinfectant and sterilisation in businesses, schools and other areas with frequent traffic. Our best practices include:

  • Use of powerful disinfectants.
  • A tailored set of specialist cleaning services to suit varied businesses.
  • FreshOps has been integrated across the entire City Property Services business to provide cleaning task management, reporting accuracy, KPI management and remote supervision.

Our Disclaimer

By far the most common way for coronavirus to spread is through person-to-person contact. The best way to avoid this is through social distancing and self-isolation where feasible. Please observe the advice of professional bodies, such as the WHO and state and federal government.


Steps you can take to protect your workplace

You should conduct your own regular disinfectant and sterilisation of commonly touched surfaces in your business during the time between professional cleans. This will help reduce the possibility of transmission of coronavirus through surfaces. When people sneeze, cough or even breathe, there is the chance that the virus could escape the body on board saliva or other bodily fluids. Additionally, people often touch their face reflexively. It is difficult to change habits such as this. For this reason, anywhere that people work or interact regularly must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

  • Regularly wipe down community surfaces, such as countertops and stairway banisters.
  • Encourage all staff and others in the premises to maintain social distancing.
  • Inform others about correct hand-washing procedure. Encourage staff to be thorough when washing hands.
  • Consider allowing people to work from home if possible. If not, encourage all staff to be wary of their health and avoid crowds while outside of work.

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If you’ve been tasked with obtaining a quote for COVID cleaning services for your organisation, please reach out now. We are in high demand for coronavirus cleaning due to the large number of businesses who need to stay in operation with people on their physical premises. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial deep cleaning services.

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