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City Property Services is a market leader in major event cleaning services.

Our experience and capability to deliver customised, efficient and cost-effective solutions are industry-renowned. Our cleaning service guarantees the satisfaction of staff and patrons alike.

City Property Services manage small and large capacity events, including major sporting occasions, trade shows and music festivals. Our 200+ highly trained cleaning team is experienced in cleaning a range of indoor and outdoor environments.

City Property Services is certified to provide efficient, environmentally friendly, professional cleaning services. Talk to one of our friendly team members today or continue reading for more information.

Our major event cleaning service

City Property Services provides an extensive range of services. We work long hours to ensure your event space remains clean and returns to you looking brand new. Our major event capabilities include indoor and outdoor events, festivals, racecourses, stadiums and public spaces. Our services include:

  • Pre-event planning and cleaning
  • Event supervision
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Restroom hygiene
  • Supply replenishment
  • High-pressure washing
  • Plus much more

Our services range from general cleaning to waste picking and removal, toilet cleaning, consumable restocking and emergency response cleaning. Our team of professional managers and cleaners carry out all pre-event, during the event, and post-event cleaning.

During the onboarding phase, City Property Services conducts an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work for your facility. This service agreement guarantees a consistent level of service in line with current industry standards. We believe in a tailored solution to your unique needs.

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Our industry-leading environmental commitment

Our approach to waste management dictates that our professional cleaners organise, identify, manage, monitor and control environmental issues in compliance with ISO standards. In addition to our Environmental Certification ISO 14001, we use innovative cleaning technologies in line with our Level 4 ecoClean Environmental Certification.

City Property Services works with local councils to apply environmentally sustainable practices such as temporary waste receptacles, recycling schemes, and information about dealing with hazardous waste correctly.

The City Property Services difference

City Property Services is a family-owned and operated cleaning company that serves clients throughout Australia. With more than 25 years of experience, our 1000+ list of clients are served by our 200+ highly-trained cleaning professionals.

At City Property Services, we’ve learnt through each interaction that every client’s needs are different. We’re devoted to tailored, efficient and cost-effective commercial cleaning agreements that minimise interruption and maximise outcomes.

Our company culture demands integrity of service. In simple terms, this means we’ll deliver what we promise to the client. Consistency of service is our foremost KPI and the reason why City Property Services is one of Australia’s most accredited commercial cleaning companies.


How City Property Services prepares for a major event

For a major event to be executed successfully, multiple stages of planning must be undertaken. City Property Services is a commercial cleaning company with over 25 years’ of experience and 200+ highly-trained staff. We understand what cleaning solutions you require for your major event.

Planning & processes

City Property Services achieves successful outcomes for event organisers through sound communication between our managers and cleaning professionals. We work diligently – as a team –  to provide cleaning and grounds maintenance throughout the duration of your event.

The planning of clean-up supplies and equipment is completing before the event. This level of organisation ensures an efficient clean up before the event, during the event and immediately after guests leave. We also prepare contingency plans to handle crowd surplus, weather, and urgent messes as they occur. Our team of managers and professional cleaners work tirelessly to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Our processes are directed towards waste removal and management, toilet cleaning and restocking, emergency response cleaning and street rubbish pickups.

Additional services

City Property Services offers a range of one-off additional services if needed. These services include High-Pressure Washing, Carpet Steam Cleaning, Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning, External Building Washes and High Window Cleaning as required.

We also ensure there are plenty of bins positioned around your event, so patrons are more likely to dispose of rubbish themselves. We use signs to communicate the dedicated containers for recyclable products.

The weather

Weather conditions are taken into consideration when planning your major event. City Property Services will liaise with event organisers to determine attendance numbers should the weather turn inclement. This proactive measure ensures supplies and staff don’t negatively affect the budget. If bad weather affects any outdoor spaces, then the pre-event clean must be carried out again.

Why choose City Property Services?

Dedicated Staff
City Property Services owes its ongoing success to our long-serving staff who share the company’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of commercial cleaning solutions.

Our Industry-leading method
City Property Services is one of Australia’s most accredited commercial cleaning companies with triple certification across quality management, environmental responsibility and workplace health and safety.

Decades of experience
With over 25 years’ experience in professional cleaning services, we’ve seen it all and have the know-how to tailor the ideal commercial cleaning solution to your business individually.

Family-owned & operated
In 2010, Emmett Roche took over the reins from his father Mark as Managing Director of City Property Services. Emmett has continued to build upon his father’s legacy.

Technologically advanced
FreshOps has been integrated across the entire City Property Services business to provide cleaning task management, reporting accuracy, KPI management and remote supervision.

Cost-effective cleaning solutions
Our Australian owned & operated company offers quality-assured yet affordable commercial cleaning. We believe in a tailored service that doesn’t sting you with unnecessary extras.


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