City Property Services

City Property Services use state-of-the-art Gernis to clean a variety of external surfaces for clients Australia-wide.

Our industry-leading techniques clean building facades, stadiums, warehouse floors, carparks, driveways, and more.

Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard to give you a superior finish.

We are also committed to environmentally responsible cleaning products and processes to minimise water wastage, in line with our dual environmental certifications.

Our high-pressure cleaning service

City Property Services offer high-pressure cleaning solutions for a range of external and internal surfaces. Our expert cleaning technicians are guaranteed to leave your walls, floors and ceilings looking brand new, check out our range of services:

  • Building facades
  • Warehouses
  • Stadiums
  • Walkways, driveways and more
  • Carparks and stairwells
  • Shade structures
  • Plus much more


Why choose City Property Services

When you make contact with City Property Services, you will receive a tailored solution to suit your specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering a customised service that doesn’t sting you with unnecessary extras.

Our highly-trained staff possess all the relevant accreditations and experience to complete a safe and efficient turnaround on your property. If you need your building floors, walls or ceilings cleaned, then you need City Property Services.

The greatest quality

City Property Services use the highest quality detergents and cleaning equipment to regenerate your property’s external and internal surfaces. Our expert team of cleaning professionals will remove the grease, grime and scum from your walls, ceilings, and floors to leave a better aesthetic and increase the lifespan of your property.


Our high-pressure cleaning method

When you make contact with City Property Services, we’ll conduct an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work. You will then receive a tailored service agreement to ensure your requirements are met in a way which guarantees the professional appearance of your property.

Owners often make the mistake of repainting their external surfaces when all that’s needed is a good old-fashioned clean. Does your building or property look downtrodden, worn or dirty? In most cases, a thrifty visit from our cleaning professionals will renew your building — no painting required. If your facility needs a facelift, then you need City Property Service high-pressure cleaning service.

The removal of grime and muck

Our professional cleaning team are experts in the removal of stains, yellowing, cobwebs, dirt, mould and mildew from external surfaces. Over time building walls, floor, and ceilings can become damaged through damp, dusty, and polluted conditions. You perceived level of professionalism will infinitely increase after a visit from one of our cleaning professionals.

We work on a variety of surfaces

We clean a variety of surfaces, both externally or internally. Our high-pressure washing methods clean building facades, floors, roofs and ceilings made from a diverse range of materials. We also clean steps, fences, stairwells, billboards, ceilings, walkways, driveways and shade structures.

Environmentally friendly

In addition to our Environmental Certification ISO 14001, we also use innovative cleaning technologies in line with our Level 4 ecoClean Environmental Certification. Level 4 status is the highest possible certification and represents industry sector leadership for adopting best practices in all cleaning activities.


City Property Services leads the way in the cleaning industry for best practices. Our certifications include Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Certification ISO 14001 and Occupational Health & Safety AS 4801. We invest in technology, processes and training to ensure we continuously meet numerous accreditation requirements.

The many benefits of high-pressure cleaning for your property

City Property Services can attend your premises after hours to minimise disruption to occupants and staff. You can schedule services fortnightly, monthly, yearly or as otherwise appropriate. City Property Services employs highly trained cleaning professionals who exercise tact and discretion out of respect for occupant privacy.

Dirty building exteriors look unsightly and can affect the reputation of your business or home. If your building, warehouse, shop front or carpark is covered in grime, grease and muck, then you could be potentially losing customers due to perceived unprofessionalism. Our high-pressure cleaning service offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Don’t call the painter! You might only need a high-pressure cleaning professional
  • Save time and energy by hiring a cleaning professional to get the job done right
  • Save money on expensive cleaning equipment and detergents
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance extends lifespan and overall aesthetics
  • Our professional cleaners use the highest quality equipment and detergents
  • Our eco certifications represent our adherence to resource-saving practices
  • Improve the appearance and value of your property or office building
  • City Property Services is fully insured for potential unlikely damages


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