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City Property Services offers water extraction and restoration services for commercial and residential premises’ Australia-wide.

Our extensive range of restoration equipment will remove moisture and debris out of your carpet and into our vehicle’s waste tank leaving your site in immaculate condition.

If you need water extraction services, you can trust City Property Services to deliver the best results. Our highly trained cleaning professionals are stocked with expert knowledge and the latest equipment, enabling us to restore your water-soaked carpeted area to a clean, dry and hygienic state.

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Our water damage, extraction and restoration service

For over 25 years, City Property Services have always sought after the best in technology and procedure. Today we use the latest carpet water extraction methods to restore your water-soaked area. Our cleaning professionals possess years of carpet cleaning experience, and we’ve helped hundreds of Australian properties recover from flood and water damage.


A straightforward process

When you make contact with us, we’ll conduct an individual assessment to determine the specific scope of work. You will then receive a tailored service agreement to ensure your requirements are met in a way which guarantees the professional appearance of your building’s exterior.

In addition, because we fully comprehend the pressing nature of water-logged carpet, we offer same-day services. If you need water extraction and restoration, then you need City Property Services. Get in contact with us today.

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It’s important to act quickly with water-logged carpet

When carpet becomes wet and water-soaked, it’s essential to act quickly. Waterlogged carpet doesn’t only look and smell bad – if left for an extended period, it can promote the growth of mould and bacteria. These nasties then lead to health issues and permanent carpet staining. Our water extraction and restoration cleaning process will dry your carpet immediately to protect the health of staff and/or occupants.


Our water extraction and restoration process

Flooding and water damage can cause substantial problems to the exterior and internal framework of a building’s infrastructure. Left untreated, this damage can result in permanent problems. Our service is aimed to extract and restore your water-soaked area to prevent further damage.

Here’s a snapshot of our water extraction and restoration process.

  1. Damage assessment

Our expert professionals will assess the damage throughout the area in an in-depth manner. We will also seek to control and limit any further damage. Once a complete audit of the situation is completed, we will then provide you with a detailed quote of the restoration work required. This will also include an estimate of the time necessary — so you can organise alternative arrangements for your family or employees.

  1. Water extraction

Post- assessment, we begin the process to remove all excess water by extraction. We also clear the area of any damaged items or items at risk of being damaged. Our team use a range of water-extracting tools to soak up the water back into our vehicle’s waste tank. We then begin the process of drying the area through a range of modern speciality equipment.

  1. Restoration

After the water extraction process and the removal of at-risk items, the restoration process begins. We remove all excess moisture from the damaged areas using air movers, dehumidifiers and other speciality equipment. We can also restore furniture items to their original state. Once this stage of the process is complete, your home or workplace should be ready for you to return safely.

City Property Services – Industry-leading capabilities

City Property Services is an industry leader in commercial cleaning solutions. Here are three areas where we separate ourselves from the competition.


We are committed to using the best technology to deliver our valued client the best results. When working on your property, our highly trained cleaning professionals use water extraction tools, air movers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines, and foggers.


In line with our dual environmental certifications, all equipment is maintained to the highest standard, so they’re always in optimum working order and minimise negative environmental impact.


City Property Services leads the way in the cleaning industry for best practices. Our certifications include Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Certification ISO 14001 and Occupational Health & Safety AS 4801.


For over 25 years, our company has offered a customised service that excludes unnecessary extras. Our highly-trained staff possess all the relevant accreditations and expertise to complete a safe and efficient turnaround on your building.


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