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As one of the most certified cleaning agencies nationally, you can trust us to get the job done right first time, every time.

Cost effective and efficient.

City Property Services can offer effective and cost-efficient one-off commercial cleaning solutions, tailoring a program including any of the following services daily, weekly or monthly in line with your individual requirements.

Our certifications & accreditations gives you peace of mid knowing that each and every staff member is part of our trusted, certified team.

Window Cleaning

Our highly trained team of professional cleaners specialise in all facets of window cleaning services, inclusive of retail, high-rise and industrial buildings. We utilise a manual Rope Access system, which includes a diverse range of equipment and specialised techniques, to provide access into the most challenging of locations. Our professional blade cleaning uses squeegee and abseiling equipment when required, delivering a spotless clean inside and out. We use environmentally friendly, innovative technologies designed to repel dirt and wind rubbish as long as possible to ensure the highest quality clean in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

High Pressure Cleaning

City Property Services owns a number of gernies which can be utilised by our team of cleaning professionals to complete any type of high-pressure cleaning for warehouses, stadiums, retail buildings and other properties. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards at all times and we are committed to environmentally responsible cleaning products and processes to minimise water wastage, in line with our dual environmental certifications.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

A combination of our highly-trained team and environmentally friendly, innovative methods will restore your floors and wet areas by blasting them free of dirt, grime and other residues. Our team utilises high-pressure, high-heat  and recapture technologies to deliver the highest quality clean possible, every time. All impurities and water are extracted back to the vehicle’s waste tank, leaving floors dry and clean.

Stripping & Sealing

With over over 25 years experience in hard floor maintenance, polishing, stripping and sealing, City Property Services guarantees to deliver the highest quality, most cost-efficient floor cleaning solutions. Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals utilises high speed poly vac machines to strip all vinyl floors of dirt along with pH balanced, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to neutralise the floor and remove any residual stripper and markings. This is followed by high speed buffing and the application of base- and top- coats as required to deliver a superior, hygienic clean.

Car Park & Warehouse Cleaning

The team of cleaning professionals at City Property Services is well equipped to deliver the best in car park and warehouse cleaning solutions with our owned and operated ride-on gas-operated sweepers and walk-behind machines to wetscrub and degrease small sites as well as those up to 10,000sqm. In line with our dual environmental certifications, all equipment is maintained to the highest standards and at times to limited fumes and minimise negative environmental impact.

External Building Wash

Our professional team of commercial cleaners are armed with the most innovative cleaning technologies, including up-to-date machinery and equipment along with the very best in environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Therefore, City Property Services is well equipped to manage all sized offices and buildings to ensure superior appearance and appeal of external surfaces. The triple-certified systems and procedures ensure efficiency, safety and consistency of service.

Water Damage, Extraction & Restoration

City Property Services has a wide range of restoration equipment including specialty water extracting tools, air movers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines and foggers. In line with our dual environmental certifications, all equipment is maintained to the highest standard so they’re always in optimum working order and minimise negative environmental impact. All debris and residue are extracted back to our vehicle’s waste tank leaving your site in immaculate condition every time.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

At City Property Services we deliver best-practice hygienic kitchen cleaning, thanks to our highly trained staff and our triple-certified processes and procedures. Our high pressure cleaning equipment is maintained to the highest standard and our innovative environmental technologies, including anti-microbial treatments and non-toxic chemicals, ensure surfaces are sanitised and completely free of grease and grime. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and are committed to exceeding expectations in the most timely, affordable method possible.

Commercial Real Estate Cleaning

Our decades of commercial cleaning experience extend to numerous real estate cleaning contracts and a high degree of repeat business. The professional team at City Property Services can complete a host of cleaning jobs with speed and efficacy from one-off cleaning of common areas to end-of-lease bond cleans. City Property Services also offers general maintenance services such as regularly rubbish removal, light bulb replacement, cobweb management, bin sanitisation and garden cleaning. Additionally, our highly trained team can clean fire stairs, car parks and windows as well as monitoring the site for faults and maintenance requirements.

Pest Control

City Property Services can customise a pest control management systems specific to each premises. From ants to termites, rodents and spiders our qualified team provide swift and effective pest control services, which are both safe and accredited. All internal services are guaranteed for up to 12 months and as part of our pest management service we’ll customise external treatments to best suit the weather and safeguard the ongoing effectiveness of the treatments from the elements.

Gardening & Grounds Maintenance

Our skilled team offers a wide range of gardening and grounds maintenance services including watering, pruning, trimming, general garden cleaning and rubbish removal. In addition, City Property Services can provide ongoing pest management solutions and noxious weed removal. We’ll tailor a schedule of required services to suit each property’s individual needs and our environmentally sustainable policies ensure responsible water usage and non-toxic solutions to minimise any negative impact and enhance garden vitality.

Escalator & Travelator Cleaning

Escalators and travelators are notoriously difficult to maintain, but at City Property Services our professional team of cleaners have the skills and equipment necessary to provide ongoing cleaning schedules that prevent a build-up of dirt and grime within the systems treads. Our dual workplace health and safety accreditations ensure a best-practice cleaning services utilising innovative cleaning technologies which provide the ultimate clean whilst safeguarding staff and patrons. Additionally, we’ll customise a program that can be completed after-hours to increase efficiency and minimise disruption to your business.

Warehouse Maintenance; Strata Cleaning

The team of highly-trained cleaning professionals at City Property Services offers extensive experience in warehouse maintenance and strata cleaning. Individually tailored cleaning and maintenance programs are supported by the best in innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Our triple certified processes and procedure will ensure attention to detail across a wide range of services including cleaning of foyers, stairwells, storage rooms and floors along with maintaining lighting systems, removing dust and cobwebs, pest management and holistic garden care.

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