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Is Your School Cleaning Service Keeping Students Safe?


Is Your School Cleaning Service Keeping Students Safe?

As much as we love our children, let’s face it, they’re kind of grubby when they come home from a big day at school. Whilst schools are doing their best with the resources available, students are facing as many as six colds a winter due at least in part to inadequate personal hygiene practices.

Keeping that in mind, the question needs to be asked: how clean is your school? Without a top-quality school cleaning service in place, unfortunately, the answer to that question might be ‘not very’…


Preventing disruptions to learning 

Already this year, we have seen extreme examples of the disruption a viral outbreak can cause to learning. A clean school is the biggest factor in keeping kids well, keeping their learning on track and achieving great academic success. Ask your cleaners the following questions:

  1. What PPE are you using? At a minimum, disposable gloves, aprons, masks and eyewear should be in use. You should also be checking that the correct procedures are being followed to remove and dispose of PPE.
  2. Are you following the most recent cleaning recommendations? Are hard surfaces and high-touch areas being cleaned with appropriate solutions? Are these solutions being prepared daily?
  3. Are you handling waste safely? Are bins being disinfected regularly? Are bin bags changed before they start to overflow?

If they can’t answer these questions suitably, your cleaners may well be contributing to the problem.


Why is a school cleaning service essential?

School teachers are already overburdened with responsibilities in their day-to-day duties. Ensuring students are kept safe and well is a top priority, of course. But is there really enough time in the day for teachers to enforce the necessary student hygiene procedures every single time? Possibly not. Especially when basic resources such as soap are not always readily available.

Using a school cleaning service relieves some of the pressure on teachers and ensures the school environment is cleaned to the highest standard. Your cleaners should be conducting daily sanitizing of surfaces and objects that are repeatedly touched throughout the school. Desks, benchtops, door handles, computer keyboards, hands-on learning devices, tap handles, telephones, and toys all need the highest standard of attention to contain the spread of viruses and disease.

In a time when cleanliness has never been more vital, don’t leave the spread of germs to chance. Make sure your school cleaning service is up to the job. Here at City Property Services, our experienced team is fully prepared to work in line with the most up-to-date guidelines. Keeping your school environment clean, and your students learning (not out sick!) is our highest priority.

Talk to one of our friendly team members today to discuss school cleaning that you can rely on.