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Anna Meares Velodrome – Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

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About This Project


The Anna Meares Velodrome at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler was the host for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Cycling event. The team at City Property Services (CPS) tendered with GOLDOC for the cleaning contract for this prestigious, Queensland based event. As the cleaning suppliers for the world-class Sleeman Sports Complex since 2014, CPS had an established reputation within the events and sporting industry as a trusted and enthusiastic commercial cleaning provider and thus, won the tender for this once in a lifetime Gold Coast & Brisbane event.


Requiring 5-star cleaning treatment over the 11-day event, our team were responsible for the mobilisation of appropriate resources, undertaking any necessary recruitment and had to establish the necessary operational framework required for achieving GOLDOC’S stringent requirements for cleaning services.



CPS were responsible for a range of services including additional pre-event cleaning, rotational event cleaning, post-event cleaning and post-event handover cleaning services for GOLDOC. This included everything from Broadcast Compound Cleaning, Event Turnaround cleans and Exterior Power-washes to Bathroom Maintenance, Waste Control and everything in between.


With the capacity to seat approximately 4,500 patrons per competition sitting, CPS were required to provide 175 accredited cleaning and support staff for the duration of the project to ensure the excellent standards of cleaning that were achieved.



Working alongside so many different contracting teams at one time for such a prestigious event can prove difficult, especially where there is a difference of expectations or timing of tasks required. Despite this, preparation for the event meant that there were minimal clashes with tasks or expectations and our management team lead the cleaning crew with flexibility and guidance to ensure all required tasks were carried out efficiently.


Moreover, the competition schedule was delayed from time to time with track issues and injuries which delayed the cleaning team. In these instances, the turnaround clean could lose considerable time which would significantly impact the level of cleanliness we could produce for patrons. With pre-training and meticulous planning, however, the CPS team were trained and prepared for these delays and still managed to complete the full turnaround cleans to excellent standards as required.


Another aspect of the project that had the potential to cause issues was breakdown contractors accessing the site while the bump out clean was still taking place as time frames for close out activities were very tight. To overcome this, our team worked around the contractors and stayed in close communication with them and GOLDOC to ensure the most efficient way for tasks to be done was achieved by altering, rescheduling and shuffling to fit in with everyone’s movements.


As with any large-scale event, anticipating patron traffic levels can also be a challenge, one which our team were able to swiftly overcome. High traffic areas were identified, and cleaning frequencies adjusted to match the patron expectations for cleanliness. By increasing the frequency of cleaning in the high traffic zones, the overall impression of the site and for the Commonwealth Games as a whole, improved.



The City Property Services team were highly commended on our professionalism and high standard of cleaning services supplied for the duration of the Anna Meares Velodrome – 2018 Commonwealth Games Cycling Schedule.


There were a few key areas that contributed to the success of the operation, the primary of which being the excellent cleaning standards that were consistently upheld – especially in high patron traffic zones. Patrons were able to enter the Velodrome at any time of the day to a clean stadium with a 5-star standard of cleanliness. It was important for our company that the cleanliness be seen as a positive for the games.


Consistently, the cleaning crew were able to contribute to the positive culture of the games and presented happy team members with positive attitudes at all times. Our flexibility of service was paramount, and staff were always very aware of the need for flexibility during such an event. Our response team worked to perfection and had no incomplete tasks arise.

Due to our company’s capability to perform, not only during the games but also in the lead up to the games, we had further opportunities offered to us for our provision of services.


We were requested to provide cleaning services to the following additional GOLDOC venues also:


  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Vehicle Search Point – Daily cleaning services
  • Media Transport Mall – Daily cleaning services
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village – Provision of Waste Compound staff for the required to waste stream, decanter and the sorting of all waste into the appropriate streams
  • GOLDOC Uniform & Accreditation Centre – Provision of Cleaning Staff for the bump out period and post cleaning of the warehouse


Our CPS cleaning teams provided high level services to all these GOLDOC venues and through continued dedication and professionalism we were commended for our teams and their performances.

City Property Services is extremely proud to have been successful members of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Family.


As one of Australia’s more certified cleaning companies, City Property Services has the scale and experience to professionally clean large-scale event venues nationwide with expert efficiency.


If you’re interested in acquiring our services for your upcoming event, get in touch with our team today on 1300 403 161 or via info@citypropertyservices.co.