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The New Office Cleaning Culture – Do YOU Know What To Do?


The New Office Cleaning Culture – Do YOU Know What To Do?

Now that the country is beginning to open up again, you may be met with some surprising new challenges in your workplace. Many of your staff members have spent the last few months working from home and practising social distancing wherever possible. Some will still hold very real concerns for their health and safety upon their return to the workplace.

As their employer, your job has always been to provide a clean, safe space for them to operate from, and now is no exception. In actual fact, ensuring your workplace is safe for employees to return to is a top priority for morale, wellness and productivity.


Consider your office cleaning strategy

Your office cleaning strategy will be under scrutiny. You will need to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the difference between the cleaning that used to happen and the deep, comprehensive sanitising that is now the new standard.

Then, of course, there are the logistics to consider. How does your formerly bustling workplace contend with the new need for social distancing measures? How do you conduct a staff meeting on the next floor up if only two people can be in the lift at any one time? How do you make your employees comfortable sitting at their desks when it could be inherently risky to do so? It’s certainly a lot to think about.

The good news?

It doesn’t have to be complicated.


Give staff the confidence to return to work safely 

While there are certainly many considerations to be made, it can all be boiled down to one key factor – understanding.

Showing an understanding of your employees’ concerns, and finding ways to allay their fears will be the first step to your workplace returning to a new sort of normal. Having a comprehensive office cleaning strategy in place will go a long way to establishing the trust needed for staff to settle back into their workplace.

Naturally, it will take more than popping a few bottles of hand sanitiser around the place. You’ll need to:

  • Make sure your staff know you understand the difference between cleaning and sanitising
  • Make sure they know you’re aware and addressing the ‘high touch zones’ such as desks, phones, stair rails, telephones, lift buttons, etc.
  • Show them you’re doing MORE than you’ve ever done before, and more than is simply ‘the regulations’
  • Make your office cleaning policy visible and strict

For employees, feeling safe will be just as important as keeping safe. Make it clear that their health and safety is your highest priority by providing PPE, delivering outdoor meetings, and bringing in as much flexible working as can be done. Hiring commercial office cleaners to come in daily during office hours will confirm you are committed to your employees’ wellbeing.


What does commercial office cleaning Brisbane consist of?

Aside from the tailored office cleaning procedures we have always delivered (i.e. vacuuming and mopping, toilet cleaning, cleaning of windows, horizontal surfaces and staff break areas), we have adapted additional hygiene strategies to suit the times. Our packages can include overnight disinfecting services of your whole office, with daily ‘short cleans’ of high traffic, high touch areas during the day. We can be visible so your staff KNOW you’ve got their back…and their health.


Ready to welcome your workforce back to the office with confidence? Request a quote for office cleaning Brisbane today!