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A Clean, Green Image – Working Towards a Cleaner Planet

As testament to our continual pursuit of eco-excellence in commercial cleaning, our team were recently honoured with the BSCAA Environmental Sustainability Award for ecoClean Excellence. To us, this prestigious award means so much more than another line in our professional portfolio. It assures us that we’re on the right path to creating a cleaner, greener planet.

City Property Services is a company passionate about environmental protection and sustainability. Therefore, we make it our mission to become the most certified eco-friendly cleaning company in Australia. Everything we do is in service of our goal to provide efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning services to the commercial sector.

Doing our part

As the only cleaning company in Australia to hold the Level 4 Eco Clean Certification, we are focused on doing all we can to help reduce water, air and soil pollution.

We only use a “green range” of chemicals so as to have zero impact on our waterways & soil pollution and are committed to showing leadership in promoting environmentally responsible cleaning methods within our industry. This includes best practice in all areas of environmental impact and encompasses chemical handling, energy and water conservation, waste minimisation and noise reduction below mandatory requirements.

City Property Services reduce plastic waste through the ordering of bulk chemical containers and distributing it ourselves through the re-use of plastic bottles. What was once a “one-off” is now re-used multiple times.

To further reduce our impact on the planet, we also take the necessary steps to ensure recycling remains a core element of our operation, as well as implementing a long-term approach to continual improvement of all our eco practices. This involves training and education for each and every staff member, as well as additional training throughout the life of their employment.

Our team are Queensland locals who love nothing more than spending a weekend on the water or out in the bush. For this reason, we are incredibly passionate about keeping all aspects of our environment clean. We’re also a team who cares deeply about the welfare of animals and take comfort in the fact that we’re doing our part to reduce animal suffering from human negligence.

As traditional chemicals are a large contributor to environmental pollution in Australia, it’s critical to ensure we’re employing eco-friendly practices throughout every aspect of commercial cleaning.

Environmental impacts of standard commercial cleaning

Toxic and non-biodegradable chemicals traditionally used for institutional and commercial cleaning purposes have significant harmful effects on the environment. One of the primary concerns of using these types of chemicals is contamination to our waterways and the subsequent harm that befalls our aquatic ecosystem, including any organisms inhabiting it. They can also render water unsafe for human purposes such as washing, cooking and drinking.

As well as being detrimental to our water systems, traditional cleaning products are a major contributor to hazardous air pollutants. According to the World Health Organization, “Air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk,” and although Australia is said to be comparatively clean, they estimate that around 3,000 Australians die each year due to toxic air pollutants. We may not be able to see or even smell these chemicals, however non-biodegradables can linger in the air for years causing damage to our environment. They are also incredibly unhealthy to inhale, especially in enclosed spaces like offices and bathrooms.

On a larger scale, cleaning chemicals contribute to the devastating levels of pollution found in our soil, food sources and environment as a whole. This is before we even consider the amount of poorly discarded plastic waste that is to blame for global catastrophes like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

New evidence comes to light every day demonstrating the harmful impacts of cleaning chemicals to both humans, wildlife and the environment on which we rely. This is why City Property Services have become so passionate about adopting clean initiatives backed by ecofriendly products.

Learn more about how we minimise our impact on the environment here.


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