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How Australian Window Cleaners Can Be Eco Friendly

How Australian Window Cleaners Can Be Eco Friendly

When looking for window cleaners, an increasing number of people are prioritising eco-friendly services in their search for the right commercial cleaning company. A rise in environmental awareness, and the impact of our actions on our eco system, has seen a growing trend of people looking for green alternatives to many household cleaning services, and windows are no exception. Read on for hints and tips on how window cleaners can provide an eco-friendly service, and what to look for in an environmentally responsible business.

Environmentally friendly products

In response to the growing consumer demand, there are now a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products available for both commercial and domestic use. Window cleaners have the option of using biodegradable window cleaning products, complete with recyclable packaging.
It is important to note that modern household materials often require certain ingredients for an efficient clean, and sometimes they are not going to be completely natural. Most commercial cleaners who want to get the job done to a high standard, while still giving consideration to the environment, find that biodegradable products strike a good balance between chemical and natural cleaners. So what is a biodegradable product? Quite simply, it means that the product is able to be broken down safely by natural bacteria found in the earth, making the product more environmentally friendly than its non-biodegradable counterparts.
As an added bonus, some people find that biodegradable products are less likely to cause allergies and reactions in those who tend to be irritated by regular cleaning products, which equates to happier and healthier staff!

Simple steps to reduce your environmental footprint

Cleaning products aside, there are a number of additional measures a window cleaner can take to ensure they are providing a green service. These can be simple steps such as using recycled paper and reusable cloths. Other considerations are proper waste disposable, ensuring that any chemicals used are disposed of appropriately, without harming the environment via drains or gardens.
Most window cleaners who are taking the above measures to protect the environment will list them on their webpage. You can narrow your search for the right candidate by including search engine phrases such as “eco-clean” and “environmental cleaning” to find a company that is dedicated to providing a green window cleaning service that strives to protect the environment, while making your windows gleam.